Our Policies

We provide a caring place to study music and learn to play the piano. A student will never be forced to learn a piece of music he or she is not interested in, nor will we insist on absolute mastery before beginning the next piece. Whenever possible, students will choose their own music to learn based on their own musical tastes and interests, or on suggestions. Of course students are expected to practise daily in order to progress. There is a practice log available on our system but this is optional  and there is no requirement to use it; this is an available tool for a student's own discipline.

A student will never be held back to a predetermined level. Instead, students will be encouraged to learn more technically difficult pieces as they are ready and will be taken to an advanced level when they are ready and willing. Theory lessons will be provided once a student reaches a level where an understanding of music theory will help them to accomplish their pieces. There is no requirement to study toward an examination with the Royal Conservatory of Music, but the RCM program will be provided if a student has a desire to do this.

To pay for music lessons we have a variety of billing schedules and methods; these are totally your choice except for monthly payments where we require automatic payments. If a scheduled payment is late or missed, don't worry. You'll be automatically reminded and will never be charged a late fee unless payment is missed two months in a row. If there is a problem please speak to us and make alternative arrangements.

Learning music is fun and we want to remove any impediments which would prevent that.


If a student is ill please reschedule the lesson or contact us about a make-up time. Do not come to the lesson if you are sick. We appreciate your understanding about this.


It is important to have continuity with lessons. If a music lesson is missed due to illness we will try to make up the lesson that week if there is a cancellation or an available make-up time. Please use the Parent/student portal to cancel your scheduled lesson. You may re-book to an available time that same week, or we will contact you to arrange a make-up lesson. For a conflict with a future activity, please contact us as far ahead of time as possible to make arrangements.

Missed lessons need to be made up within two weeks to maintain continuity and progress.

There may be times when a lesson is missed due to a family vacation or other plans. We will not be able to make up these lessons.


If it is in the educational best interest of the student, an extra lesson may occasionally be scheduled or recommended. This will be provided at no extra charge.


For safety reasons, as of September 2019 lessons will be cancelled on storm days and will not be made up. Notices will be sent by email/SMS and telephone. An allowance is made in the schedule for one storm day.


There may be times when it is necessary to cancel a lesson due to teacher illness or other urgent matters. We will try but we may not be able to make up these lessons.


Music lessons are payable in advance. Please make your payment by the 10th of the month.
Students will choose a payment plan and payment method at the start of lessons. 

Payment plans
    There are four options, with fees payable on the first day of each month indicated.
    There are discounts for options 1 to 3.

  1.  Full payment in September 
  2.  Two-pay:  2 equal payments September and January
  3.  Bi-monthly:  5 equal payments September, November, January, March and May
  4.  Monthly:  9 equal payments September to May. --- Post-dated cheques or automatic credit card payment are Required.

Payment methods

  1.  Post-dated cheques dated for the 1st of each month payable to Roseanna Rudolph
  2.  Interac e-Transfer through your on-line banking
  3.  Automatic credit card payments with a securely stored credit card number
  4.  Credit card or Paypal payment directly from your billing statement or through the Parent/student Portal
  5.  Cash or cheque
Families not paying with post-dated cheques will receive a billing notice by e-mail on the first of the month whenever a payment is due. Payment reminders will be sent on the 11th. A  service charge may be added to any amounts unpaid two months in a row.  


If you need to make any alternative arrangements, please speak to us.