Parent/student Portal Guide

Our music studio management system is powered by My Music Staff, based in Burlington, Ontario. We are extremely pleased with this system, and new features are added almost weekly.

When you log in, the system will allow you to cancel a lesson and register for a make-up lesson time, sign up for parties and other special events, check your account balance and payment schedule, change your contact information, store a credit card for fee payments, and even record your practice times if you wish.

The first time you log in, enter a password of your choice. You can change your password at any time. There is a password reset feature if you forget your password. The menu items at left will show your family's scheduled lessons on the Home screen, your account information, the attendance record, and several others. You can synchronize the Home calendar with your personal calendar if you wish.

To change a lesson time, on the Home screen select the lesson you wish to cancel and choose "Cancel Attendance". This will let you choose a vacant spot that same week or the following week if you select the new time more than 4 hours in advance. (Less than 4 hours please call us.) Select an available make-up time and choose "Register". We will receive an e-mail notification of the change. If no available make-up time is shown, please call or e-mail. We will find a spot for you if possible.

You will get automatic reminders of make-up lessons and any other special events (parties etc.)

To synchronize the piano schedule with the calendar on your computer or mobile device click the Setup Sync button to the right of the calendar in the Portal. Choose your calendar type and confirm the subscription in the popup. You can set alerts in your calendar if you wish.

To update your contact information or change your password click on your name at top right and select "Profile Settings". Please ensure that we have your correct e-mail address and phone number.

Your use of the parent/student portal is entirely optional but highly recommended. There are many other features that will become clear with time. If you have any questions, please contact us!