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Welcome back to music lessons, everyone!

Monday, September 4, 2017 | Uncategorized

Here is some important information that all students, especially new students, need to know.

Each student's binder will have a printout showing the specific dates of lessons for that particular day of the week. If a date is not listed there will be no lessons on that date. Please note that we have a longer winter break this year beginning on December 19, the week before school ends. The complete instructional calendar is available under "More Information" on our web site at harmonyhouse.ca.

Specific make-up times as well as other students' cancellations will be posted in the schedule. Check for possible make-up times using the Parent/student Portal if you need to miss a weekly lesson due to illness. When you cancel your lesson a temporary make-up credit will be issued to let you select an available make-up time before your next regular lesson, and your change will be confirmed immediately. Alternatively, please call us. If you know well in advance, or if you need to reschedule several lessons, please call or e-mail with as much notice as possible and we will attempt to find a make-up time.

Occasionally a conflict arises with another ongoing activity. If this happens you may need to change the day or time of your lesson on a longer term basis. Please let us make the arrangements rather than attempting to cancel and reschedule every weekly lesson yourself.

Unfortunately we usually won't be able to make up lessons missed due to vacation trips.

Make-up credits, if issued, are only for enabling signing up for make-up lessons in the short term and have no intrinsic value.

We are providing for specific storm day make-up lesson days in the instructional calendar.

Some students have an allowance for one storm day in this year's schedule; this will be made up at the teacher's discretion. Here is a link to our complete studio policies.

An optional feature of the Parent/student Portal is that you can keep track of your practice times and pieces being worked on. You can also send a note from the practice log if you need help with a particular piece.

Our number one goal: to have all students enjoy their music!