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Welcome back to music lessons Sept 2018

Thursday, September 6, 2018 | Uncategorized

Dear students and parents:

I want to welcome everyone to what promises to be another good year learning music on the piano. A special welcome to my new students. We will have fun learning new pieces and I will invite the younger ones to attend the Halloween and Valentine parties.

Here is some important information that all students, especially new students, need to know.

This year there are 34 weeks of lessons from September 11 to May 31, and I am teaching Tuesdays to Fridays. The scheduled weeks off are a three week winter break at Christmas and the March break as usual. The complete instructional calendar is available under "More Information" on our web site at harmonyhouse.ca. Please have a look at this if you are ever in doubt as to when there are lessons.

Specific make-up times as well as other students' cancellations will be posted in the schedule. If you need to miss a weekly lesson due to illness, check for possible make-up times using the Parent/student Portal. When you cancel your lesson you will be able to select an available make-up time before your next regular lesson, and your change will be confirmed immediately. Alternatively, please email or call. If you know well in advance, or if you need to reschedule several lessons, please call or e-mail with as much notice as possible and I will find a make-up time.

Unfortunately I usually won't be able to make up lessons missed due to vacation trips.

My studio is seldom closed due to storms. If you can make it to your lesson safely, please come. If not, I'll attempt to reschedule within a week afterwards. There are no specific storm day make-up days in the instructional calendar.

An optional feature of the Parent/student Portal is that you can keep track of your practice times and pieces being worked on. You can also send a note from the practice log if you need help with a particular piece.

I will be posting news every couple of months, and more importantly, I will constantly be keeping in touch with all students and parents to advise of progress.

Our number one goal: to have all students enjoy their music!